About the Artist

Renee K. Allen

2009-1121 Hopi Wedding Dawa_Renee
I am Hopi/Choctaw/Navajo from Old Oraibi Village in Arizona.  The circular weavings I create evolved from being a part of my family’s weaving tradition.  Since 1997 I have been creating my own designs bearing my signature.

The Hopi Dawa, or Sun, with the circle shape symbolizes Mother Earth.  Each element of the weaving expresses a connection to my Hopi culture.  I usually incorporate the Hopi traditional belt, woven in red, black and green, and the traditional red and white shoulder cape as part fo the design.  The turquoise dots represent a traditional turquoise necklace.  The landscape appears in the earth tones I use, with green for plants, white dots as rain coming down from the blue and purple blends of sky and clouds, often dazzling us with the colors of the rainbow.  The “peak” patterns depicting the mountains of my homeland may also be part of the design.

I do this weaving as the creative part of my life, maintaining connection to my culture and reminding me of the importance of Mother Earth as the true source of our survival.

I am currently residing in Rio Rancho, NM and have received a grant from New Mexico Community Capital’s Native Entrepreneur in Residence Program (NEIR).